Friday, April 19, 2013

40 Minutes Of My Life I'll Never Get Back

Cocaine Princess here.

On Saturday we had friends (husband and wife) drop by. They live approximately 4 hours away so it was expected they’d be spending the night. Sister and I assumed they would be leaving sometime later on Sunday.

Guess what? We were wrong because as I write this post the couple is still here. I don't mind having house-guests provided we’re given some notice. Perhaps the fault lies with us (and when I mean us I really mean my sister) for not asking if they were only staying for the weekend? Neither of us have asked when they plan on going home. We don't want them to think they're not welcomed and besides how would one even go about it without making them feel self conscious?

When you know someone’s coming over for a few days you make changes to your schedule and cancel plans to accommodate your guests but when it's totally unexpected it kind of throws your whole schedule off. Sister said it wasn’t possible for her to take time off without any warning unless it was an emergency. Apparently the situation that was occurring in our home didn’t qualify as a time off emergency. I mentioned she may want to bring it up at the next board meeting. She’s gone by 8:30am and returns around 4:00pm which leaves them in my care during the day. Although this was one of my slow weeks that didn’t mean I didn’t have anything planned because I did and needed to shuffle things around. One night I cornered sister and inquired, “how long do you think they’re planning on staying” I don't know. I guess when they're ready to leave they will she replied. “What the hell does that mean? What do they think this is, a hotel? I asked.  

Hmm, in someway it is like a hotel.

Room & Daily Maid Service:
Our housekeeper who drops by 1-2x a week has been here everyday. They’re staying in our lovely guest room where their sheets are changed and their room is cleaned daily and they have access to the Jacuzzi in the master bathroom suite.

Fully Cooked Meals:
Their stomachs are being filled quite nicely with home cooked meals on the days we're not taking them out to eat. The only difference between our house and a hotel is we’re not charging any fee. 

Since sister’s at school I’m the one that’s been left with the task of entertaining them and I don’t have the slightest clue as to why. Technically they’re not even my friends. They’re people I know through sister so I guess you can call them distant acquaintances. Who am I kidding? It’s because I have such a loving and generous heart, that’s why. I also don’t want to come off as being rude. The only time I’ve gotten to myself is in the early mornings when I’m working out with the exception of Wednesday. I was on my way out the door when the husband asked if I was going for a run. My running gear must have tipped him off. He asked if he could join me and I said yes. After 10 minutes he gave up. “Seriously, you’re quitting on me?” I said. I couldn’t really make out his words until he finally caught his breath. He pointed to the Tim Hortons in the parking lot strip mall. “I need a strong cup of coffee. I’ll see you at home.” Poor fellow, for a minute I thought he was going to pass out. By the time I returned home he was sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a hearty breakfast (courtesy of our housekeeper) while reading the paper. I also happened to notice the dozen donuts on the counter. For the sake of my sweet tooth I took a peak inside the box. There were all chocolate glazed.  

The other day the house-guests were dying to see what our little town has to offer. I explained there was nothing much to see which is why I had been taking them into the city and a few of the other nearby places, but they were persistent so of course I obliged. Our downtown is hardly exciting. It’s a well preserved quaint village with several locally owned businesses.  My role went from hostess to walking tour guide. For reasons I’m still not sure of they took a deep interest in our library. They were fascinated by the architecture and kept ooohing and ahhhing while pointing at the roof and the windows before we proceeded inside. OMG we spent 40 minutes in there. 40 minutes of my life I’ll never get back! Only these could be sister’s friends, I thought to myself. None of my friends have any interest in looking through a town’s historical archives let alone stepping foot in a library.

Tomorrow (Saturday) will be the one week mark since their arrival. I think it's safe to assume they’ll be leaving on the weekend. Then again I also assumed they’d be staying for only one night.


My loyal and dear readers, it’s finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have a cheeky weekend. ~x

Cocaine Princess



Gorilla Bananas said...

Oh dear, Miss Princess. Your sister must learn to ask simple, non-offensive questions like "How long will you be staying for?". (Your guests might have volunteered that information, of course).

On the plus side, this proves you have a super-hospitable personality that puts people at ease. If I ever come to stay with you, I promise I'll give you my exact leaving time. :)

Red Shoes said...

They are still there??!?!?!


If they leave the house for anything, LOCK the doors and don't let them back in!!!!

Unless they are hot, of course... ;oD

Have a great weekend, YOU!!


Miss Stormy Marples said...


How rude--that is very rude of them?

I, however, would not have hesitated to ask how long they would be staying. But I'm tacky like that sometimes. I forget to be nice when people are rude to me.

And I would have gone on with my plans especially since they are sister's friends.

Sounds like u are have a rough week too.

One of my detectives asked me a dumbass question this morning that has NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH MY JOB. And I answered him nicely that I DON'T KNOW. He then came back and said u seem CRABBY. I said, "Well, u have been asking me DUMBASS QUESTIONS ALL WEEK and quite frankly I'm tired of them." He was like "Can I ask u one more DUMBASS QUESTION?" WHICH ONCE AGAIN HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH MY JOB. And I looked at him and I treated him like a child in elementary school. I started asking him questions about his question. And then he began to figure out his own answer to his own question because if the dumbass had taken a moment to think he could have figured it out on his own. Dum dum dum-- It's called figuring something out on ur own. And he's a detective.

I am CRABBY. I have been in a BITCHY mood since Wednesday. My new answers are gonna be I DON'T KNOW. I think I need a vacation. It's good that I'm going away this weekend to see "R". His mom has planned for us to stay in a nice little cottage in Hot Springs, Arkansas. She said he needs it. She said u need it too. And it's safe for the pup. I hope I don't cry with him this weekend.

Truthfully, I don't feel well at all. We had bad storm last night. I missed class and I slept from 5:00 p.m. till 7:00 a.m. last night. Previously, I slept 35 hours on the weekend. I've scheduled a doctor's appointment for Tuesday. Something's not right. I am exhausted. And not in the usual way exhausted. It's different. The pup as well sleep all the way through too right by my side.

When I make that Almond Joy pie, I wish I could send u a slice. And some nice mac and cheese. I would fix us some 'comfort food' I need something comforting.

U r too nice Cocaine Princess. Way too nice. But that's one of the reasons I like u so much. But I would NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER overstay my welcome at ur home. But I seem to overstay my welcome at ur comment section. I'll work on that.

Have a blessed Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I hope ur sister's guest leave by this weekend.

Cocaine Princess said...

Gorilla Bananas at 1:47,
I look forward to your visit!

Red Shoes at 8:57,
They're actually a nice couple, not at all boisterous or anything, it's just their stay has become a little disruptive. Thank you & have a great weekend too.

Miss Stormy Marples at 9:48,
35 hours of sleep in one weekend? Wow!! I hope everything's okay.

True, I could have gone on with my plans but it just didn't feel right if I had whereas my sister really had no choice.

No worries on your comments, I don't mind. Have a great weekend too.

Miss Stormy Marples said...

Apparently we all are CRABBY in my office today.

Hahaha--we have been in here for less than two hours and a lot has happened.

It's like whom u love the most u take out ur bad moods on because u know they will still love u in the end the bad u and the good u. The testertone is kicking in up here.

It's not just me and that's a relief. There has been a lot of arguing this morning amongst ourselves outloud. But don't let the outside mess with us, there will be hell to pay for that even if we are upset with one another. And that's what happened next. Hahaha--

One of my coworkers made me laugh just a minute ago at something that he had to do and then the whole office just got a laugh out of it too.

It's good to laugh.

Yes 35 hours. I feel asleep at 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning and did not wake up fully until 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. The pup woke me up 2 to 3 times to go outside to pee but then he got right back up in bed with me and slept. It's probably EXHAUSTION.

I need a "spot of hot tea".

Anyhoo--have a good weekend.

U are a sweetheart with ur company.

Only 14 hours and I will be on a mini vacation.

Bruce Johnson said...

A whole Week!? Without that is just rude. Must be a Canadian thing, Americans would never do that.

If I were me, I would have found the library first thing and just spent all my days there, especially if they have Wifi. Libraries are always more interesting and entertaining than living in someone else s house. You would never see me during the day.

Have a great weekend.

Slyde said...

i plan on staying for about a month...

warm up the hot tub!

Cocaine Princess said...

Bruce at 11:20,
We are a polite bunch.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

This hotel sounds terrific. When do you have another vacancy?