Saturday, March 2, 2013

Paris Fashion Week: Day 4 & 5

Cocaine Princess here.

One of the biggest shows to hit Paris Fashion Week took place on Friday, Raf Simons for Dir showcased his A/W 2013-14 collection and for the second time he nailed it and won over critics with his magnificent collection. The show took place at the Hôtel de Ville Held under the golden dome of the Hôtel des Invalides, the show space set an uplifting tone for the collection: Giant reflective mylar balloons floated randomly throughout the space, and images of Magritte-style blue sky and white cumulous clouds were projected on the floor.

Raf took inspiration from surrealism & pop art. The show was described as breathtakingly calm I truly loved this collection! Christian Dior would be proud. 

Simple black and white pieces with Surrealist embroideries.

Knit dress.

The hi-low skirt with a bustier.

Day 5

Vivienne Westwood is all about theatrics and her show on Saturday was full of theatrics. 

Her inspiration: "I had a book about illuminated manuscripts and it was appealing because of the art and the method of painting and so then it became more about looking at medieval things - stained glass windows and pageants more than the paintings," explained the designer before the show. 

What do you think?

Embroidered pieces.

Shredded shredded sequined disco dress.

A poncho-coat hybrid in a heavy black wool.

See what I mean about theatrics?

Cocaine Princess



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