Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter Vaycay Part 2

Cocaine Princess here.

December 25th 2012

Waking up on Christmas morning was very different from what I’m usually accustom to. When I’m on vacation on Christmas morning I’ll jump out of bed and head onto the balcony. Within minutes Valentina will burst into my room greeting me with a big hug and together we’ll run into the main room to open our gifts. Instead, I had awoken in my own bed and when I looked out the window after opening the blinds there was no beach, no sand and definitely no palm trees. The only bright side was there was no snow. Although we up here in the Great White North are known for cold and snow, Mother Nature gave us a green Christmas. I suppose you could call this the silver lining to my cloud.

Valentina had called me right at midnight and not a second later to wish me a Merry Christmas along with how upset she still was I couldn’t be there. I assured her I would be there the next day.

I must admit I was a tad bit worried there wasn’t going to be any presents for me under the tree but I guess in Santa’s book some of the things I did this past year were considered good in his book. Whew! What a relief. It had been quite some time since I had celebrated Christmas with sister and to be honest I didn’t know quite what to do. She usually does her thing while I’m thousands of miles away. By noon I was completely bored and on top of everything else I couldn’t stop looking at the clock. I wanted the day to be over and done with. I was anxious for the 26th to arrive. Sister came up with a suggestion, “Let’s go see a movie.” Checking the movie listings there were 3 big movies playing: Django Unchained, The Hobbit and Les Mis. Without any hesitation I said “Django Unchained.”  

I couldn’t believe how packed the theater was. While standing in line for snacks I overheard several patrons saying how going to the movies on Christmas Day is a yearly tradition. I suppose for some it’s a great way to pass the day and let’s not forget not everyone celebrates the Yuletide. As I inched closer to the front of the line I thought to myself, ‘never did I imagine I would be spending the most holiest day of the year at the movies,’ yet there I was ordering a jumbo popcorn, 2 Cokes and nachos for sister.  The movie was labelled as a spaghetti western so I wasn’t really sure what to expect and truth to be told I was only interested in Mr. DiCaprio but in a word the movie was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! Definitely entertaining, a lot of bloodshed and several comedic moments. Christoph Waltz really steals the movie with his clever one liners. It’s no wonder he won The Golden Globe this past week for best supporting actor.

December 25th 10pm
I was checking my carry on bag to make sure my essentials were packed: passport, travelers cheque, a few favorite jewelery pieces, my lipstick and compact. The TV was on and sister was watching the news when the weather segment came on. According to the report a mega storm was on its way. 20-30cm of snow accompanied by high winds. My initial reaction was a snort followed by a chuckle only because the meteorologists have a tendency to exaggerate.  20-30cm I figured really meant 2-3cm of snow. I looked out the window and saw how everything was so calm and quiet and the lawn was still green.

December 26th {Boxing Day} 2am
I was laying in bed but not sleeping (because as most of you are aware I don’t sleep well) and listening to Armin Van Burrin’s “State of Trance.” I got out of bed and looked out the window. If I remember correctly the exact words I mumbled were, “Holy Hell Mother Nature.”

To Be Continued.


This past week designers in Europe have been presenting their menswear line for Autumn/Winter 2013. All I can say is there have been some very outlandish and just plain odd outfits that were seen on the runway. I’m not sure what’s going on in the minds of designers these days. Take a look at the pics below and you'll see what I mean:

Designer Katie Eary showcased floral prints for men. Siblings brought knitwear to the runway.

J.W. Anderson designed leather skirts for men.

Designer MAN decided to showcase something called 'plank headwear' for men.


My loyal and dear readers, it's finally Friday.

Whatever your plans are have a triumphant weekend.~x

Cocaine Princess  


Red Shoes said...

“Holy Hell Mother Nature.”


I can only imagine what you must have seen! I'm guessing that the outcome was closer to what the weather man had predicted!!

You liked 'Django?' I need to go see that when time allows!

Have a great weekend!!!



Cocaine Princess said...

Red Shoes t 9:02,
I loved it! When you get some time, do go see it.

Have a great weekend too.

Miss Stormy Marples said...

I wish I were on some beach somewhere with Buttons in tow and a good drink.

I just had a mini-vacation to Savannah, Georgia. Somehow, I need another mini vacation this weekend.

Cocaine Princess said...

Miss Stormy Marples at 11:27,
Mini Vacations can do wonders for the soul.

Graham Ettridge said...

Hey CP!!! (c:

Happy Weekend to you!

Thank you for the heads up on Django. I am a massive Tarantino fan and am heading to the cinema this weekend to see it. I have heard so many great reviews. I just love how much importance Tarantino puts on dialogue, served with a delicious side-dish of wit and a whole dollop of artistic violence on top (usually very tastefully!).

I am so sorry that you are still having trouble sleeping.... that has been going on for soooo long now. You'll have to start reading my blog once you are in bed, that is bound to send anybody to sleep..haha! ;)

If you are in the mood for listenig to something slightly different (yet absolutely amazing) then I can recommend the album "Desire" by an artist called "Schiller". It has been of my favs for a very long time now, and is almost permanently playing in my car.

Your festive adventures sound fabulous and I agree that mini vacations can do wonders for the soul and help put colour back in your cheeks.

Once again, wishing you a truly marvellous weekend!

Graham xoxo

Cocaine Princess said...

Hey Graham,
What a great description about his films & since you're a fan of QT you will not be disappointed. Hey, your blog could never put me to sleep-- your travel escapades are always so exciting! I will try your music selection. Heading on over to as soon as I publish this.

As always, thanks for your lovely comment. Have a marvelous weekend too.