Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 4: Paris Fashion Week SS13

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Out of all the cities that held Fashion Week: New York, London, Milan and Paris
an even though the title of "Fashion Capital Of The World" has been given to London,
Paris has been the most talked about on account of the two biggest rival fashion houses are set to go head-to-head with their respective new creative directors. Raf Simmons of Christian Dior and Heidi Silmane of SLP (formerly YSL) God, how I hate the name change-- Click here to read my post (if you've forgotten) about my thoughts.

If you recall, Belgian designer Raf Simons was hired after John Galliano was sacked. You remember John Galliano, right? One of the biggest designers in the world who was disgraced after he was caught on a camera phone back in February 2011 making anti-Semitic remarks that cost him not only his job but also trouble with the law.

 The designer held his first ever Ready To Wear collection for the world to see. Hey no pressure, right?  The venue took place at the Jardin des Invalides. The interior was totally white, square cutouts for windows & light sheer curtains were softly blowing.

Celebrities in attendance included Kanye West, Robert De Niro, Leelee Sobiekso, The Princess of Thailand and designer Diane von Furstenberg.

The collection was bloody fantastic! Raf Simon's inspiration: The spirit of freedom as embraced by Christian Dior when he established the house in 1947, rebelling against wartime restrictions with the ultra feminine, full-skirted collection dubbed the New Look. I looked back to Mr. Dior’s period after the war and then at the whole idea in the ’60s and ’70s of psychological and sexual freedom and liberation.”  

The pieces were sleek, black wardrobe staples; bright, asymmetric designs; and hints of metallic. He brought a new look to the House Of Dior by creating pieces that were wearable and not so much on the couture end. 

The show opened to a sleek, modern take on the black suit. {Check out Anna Wintour to the left paying close attention-- dressed in a grey jacket and dark shades}

I love the use of iridescent. Bubble/Ball Gown style tops over black shorts.

A mini ballgown style dress:

I love this piece. Look how soft the color is:

Asymmetrical dress:

Floral  ball gowns paired with black crew-neck sweater. (Throw back to his days at Jil Sanders}

How darling is Raf Simmon's take on the LBD!

Forget the big poofy ballgown. It's all about the high~low:

Bravo Raf! 

Tomorrow: Day 5: Paris Fashion Week.


Cocaine Princess


Getty72 said...

There is something almost "out of the world" about events like the global fashion week events - whether you are a true follower of fashion or, more like me, generally wear the same styles all the time and the fashion cycle catches up with me every 20 years or so..haha!

The dreams that these designers have along with their work ethics, their determination and their passion are all a true inspiration... some of the styles are quite breathtaking and some are, well lets say "a little whacky". But this world is more than big enough to fit all of them in. It is also really fascinating to see how quickly the new designs and colours hit the highstreets. The big race to be the first and the best commences - Art combined with industry at its finest. Cocaine Princess, I have been reading through your reports from the events and you have captured the excitement perfectly. I hope and look forward to seeing you writing for Vogue sometime soon!


Cocaine Princess said...

Graham at 4:23,
Thanks for the great comment & have fun in Hong Kong!